Visions (1996)

for tenor, horn, and piano

Duration: 10'

Score and parts available from the composer

In the Fall of 1996, I received two requests for new compositions, one from horn player Patrick Vail and the other from tenor Ramon Acoymo.  Not having the time to create two separate works, I combined the requests into a single work for Tenor, Horn, and Piano.  At Mr. Acoymo’s suggestion, I chose one poem from a collection by Phillipino poet, Jose Garcia Villa.  His unique use of punctuation (meant to make the reader fully address the weight of each word) ignited exciting musical ideas for me (such as the highly syncopated presentation in the second song).  The opening and closing songs are settings of my favorite American poet, W.S. Merwin.  All three songs, as I see it, deal with the ideas of gaining a new perspective, or vision, and progression, be it in Nature or within ourselves.


What, Is, Equal, To,: