Lament (2000)
for string orchestra
for string quartet
for piano solo
Duration: 10'
Scores available here: 
string orchestra version
string quartet version
piano solo version
Parts available from the composer
Lament was written in the summer of 2000, as a memorial of the life of composer, teacher, and friend Allen Sapp. I learned of Sapp's passing while in residence at the Dorland Mountain Artist Colony in Temecula, CA, in January 1999. The news was a shock, and my geographic isolation only allowed me to be alone with my reactions. This piece is, essentially, about the transformation of grief: from the numbness and shock of the loss to the highs and lows of our emotional responses to the final transformation of grief into acceptance and positive remembrance. This transformation is represented in the work by the opening harmony. It is static and dissonant at the outset, but is then transformed over time, through register, dynamics, and inversional rearrangement, into a softer, gentler sonority by the close. Lament began as a work for string quartet, then was expanded for string orchestra, and then finally re-imagined for solo piano.
Lament for string orchestra:

Lament for piano solo: